Our BT headset comply with wireless radiation safety requirements, generally BT headset
radiation frequency is one hundred thousandth or less than cell phones,compared with the limited radiation
absorption rate of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Institute (maximum not more than 1.6 watts / kg) ,
such low radiation is almost negligible. In fact, using a BT headset, you can effectively reduce the
call of radiation, safe to use completely.

Most of BT product’s battery is built-in lithium battery, the battery cannot be replaced. The battery
charging time is about 500 times. For example, every time uses 3 days, you can use 1500 days , about 2-3 years.
If a BT headset/speaker can be used more than two years, it will be out of fashion, then there is no need to worry about the battery problem.

BT is in order to a shortrange data communication profile, the standard range is 10 meters if without
obstructions between the BT speakers/headset and the phone. The signal can be influenced by circumstance.

This phenomenon occurs mainly because of signal problems, there may be affected by the low-voltage battery, when
the battery is low, the circuit will be got some impacts, the signals will be weakened, which also will affect
the distance, so occasionally disconnected phenomena occurs.

It’s a brand new BT technology with inserting special IC to make two earbuds paired without wire to be more freedom for BT headset.

Within 10,000pcs, it usually cost 20-25 working days, depends on your quantity and order details.

12 months dated from shipment date

It’s OK. MOQ is 1000pcs per color for ABS case in normal.

Step 1,Please send your inquiry to sales@mymusicgroup.net or info@mymusicgroup.net, including quanity, logo, packing, certificate…etc.
Step 2,Our sales people will quote you within 24hours, and also you can talk about more details before your decision, like delivery, payment terms.
Step 3,Please send PO to the sales people directly after all confirmed by each other.

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